Saturday, October 22, 2005


To help those in need due to Hurricane Katrina by making a donation, you can go to We don't watch much tv, but tonight we got hooked on the hurricane coverage. I was struck by the last sentence of the reporter on the show. He said something about these images not being something we expect to see in America. Is it just him, or have we as a nation gotten so arrogant as to think that we are exempt from natural disasters, too? Fellow citizens are suffering and dying there in the south, and all one reporter can say is that he didn't expect to see it in America? The trouble is that so many of our people live in similarly dire conditions every day due to poverty and oppression and we don't pay attention to them- only to dramatic disasters that thrust the suffering among us into the spotlight. That said, if you want to support young people dealing with our nation's everyday tragedies, in addition to helping the hurricane victims, try

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