Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fair warning

to friends of bridezillas everywhere- when your friend or family member sends you her wedding invitation in June, asking for your reply by July 15th with a reply card that she and her crew painstakingly made by hand with an envenlope whose postage has already been paid for out of her very strained weddding budget... reply! Right away! Certainly by the RSVP date! Most certainly by a week after the RSVP date! There are poor souls behind you on the B List who need their invitations, but won't be getting them if I don't know which of you are not coming- are you flaunting your A List status at them? I'm trying to tame the bridezilla within, but I've run into one of the giant peeves of wedding planning, and she really wants to roll! Really- come on now, folks, this is not a birthday party or a family cookout- it's my wedding. And my wonderful family spent hours upon hours creating these invitations. And I spent a lot of money on postage, and it really irks me to waste a stamp. And really, the choices are not so hard- I know most weddings don't offer 4 choices of entree, but since we can't feasibly do a buffet in the space, we thought we'd offer a variety. Could it be that it is impossibly difficult to choose between Grilled Citrus Salmon, Grilled Marinated Flank Steak, Honey Ale Chicken Breast, and Wild Mushroom Ravioli a la Vodka? There is even space at the bottom specifically for y'all to tell me of your allergies and your vegan diets and your extreme aversions to onions. So fill it out and stick it in the mail! Arrrrr! Hear me roar!


derangels said...

hey! i made my own invitation AND PROMPTLY mailed you the reply card (although i TOLD you not to waste the stamp, i could just give it to you). (how many more drink tokens will this get me, huh???)

starevelina said...

There'll be an open bar with your name on it, sis'. Don't worry. ;)