Thursday, July 13, 2006

Waiting... I hate waiting...

Sorry for the lengthy hiatus. Not that nothing's been going on- lots has been going on. Wedding 1, wedding 2, birthday party, dancing lessons (yes, I am enjoying looking entirely foolish as I try to Salsa), work, work, work. Oh yeah, and we finished our homestudy. Woo! And the reference thingies have been sent (and received by at least 2 of them). Not that this means much right now. We still get to wait. I have no problem with waiting because we're not planning on doing this at least until October anyway, but I just hate waiting for waiting's sake. And since the Massachusetts legislature decided yesterday to put off their vote on whether or not to put the civil rights of a minority up to the vote of the majority (i.e. the same-sex marriage ban) until November 9th, there's more waiting. That stinks because I wrote "Victory Day" and hearts all over yesterday in my datebook, but I guess it is a victory of sorts because it gives MassEquality and the MGLPC and the other organizations fighting the good fight more time to switch votes (and we still need a lot more votes.)
Fun tip of the week: high humidity wears out the batteries in your fire and carbon monoxide alarms. We've had the smoke alarm give us much too early and very rude awakenings twice this week, and I just had an afternoon shocker from the CO detector- they beep/go off when they get low. They're both sitting on the kitchen table with the batteries out so they'll shut up. Now that doesn't look good for our foster-care application. Off to the store for batteries!

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