Friday, September 29, 2006

Um, a little news.

I wanted to get all the wedding stuff posted before breaking this part of the story, so now that it's all up there, here we go. J and I were just licensed as foster parents in Massachusetts on Monday and our first foster child is coming today. Actually, we met her last night and I'm going to pick her up today. She's two. I'll call her Sweetie. In honor of our insanity at becoming foster parents less than a month after the wedding, I've started a new blog. I think I'll continue to post wedding pictures here, as they come in, but I suspect most of the other stuff will be on Foster Mamas. See you there!


vee said...

Oh wow!
That is VERY exciting news. Hopping over to Foster Mamas right now.

Holly said...

Congrats! You two will be great foster mommies! We'll be keeping tabs on the blog!