Friday, December 23, 2005

Calling all good vibes

Please send your good vibes and positive thoughts this way for my friend who is facing a tough weekend with her folks- she came out to them and told them about her girlfriend last month- since then her parents have gone a little crazy and really aren't being good parents right now (think harassment, spying, meanness, calling various people who know her, somehow scouting out personal information about her girlfriend, etc.) She's going home tomorrow for Christmas and apparently the `rents are staging some kind of ambush or intervention or really awful weekend. She's got an escape plan in the works and I brought over my entire arsenal of books and movies about GLBT stuff and coming out today and we talked, but she's still going to have a lot to deal with- so please send your safety and sane-parents intentions out into the world. A little sister needs them!


Well, she made it. Safe and sound and back at home now. Apparently it was pretty bad- her mom and dad were pretty miserable and insisted on talking about it all the time, offering her scads of money to break up with her girlfriend and move back with them, suggesting that she go to some kind of "conversion" therapy, and making an appointment for their priest to come over (fortunately, he couldn't make it at the last minute). They will hopefully chill out after a while, and she's got lots of great friends and a wonderful girlfriend and the library I brought over with me last week, so keep those happy thoughts coming!


Trista said...

Oh, I hope hope hope it wasn't as terrible as she thought it might be. Please keep us updated about how she is.

Blondie said...

Is there a PFLAG chapter nearby that either she can go to or her parents can? That was the best thing for me, and my folks.

starevelina said...

There are a few PFLAG chapters around here that she might benefit from, but her mom and dad are definitely not going to the one where they live, though I suggested she might conveniently leave a piece of paper next to their computer with the PFLAG website on it. Unfortunately my folks seem like a welcome wagon compared to hers, and mine still won't attend a PFLAG meeting, so I don't know as it would work for them, but we'll see! Thanks for thinking of her.

Trista said...

Thanks for the update. My parents won't go to a PFLAG meeting either. At first it was because that would be admitting that their daughter is gay and their working toward happy acceptance of that was simply unacceptable to them. Now it's because they "don't have a problem with it that would require them to join some sort of group to help [them] deal." Huh.