Monday, December 19, 2005

Finals week agony

Absolutely must get 118 points on my last final- physics- or no graduation for me. Tommorrow! 1:30pm! Eeek!


146! Woo! That's my low estimate, based on what I know I got right, and there will be a curve, too, so yay! That's what I call a Bachelor's degree, folks. Done. And I don't usually curse in writing, but just because I've been waiting to say it for years...

Kiss my ass, UMass!

Kiss it goodbye, because it's the only part you're gonna see as I'm high-tailin' it into the sunset. Now I can finally sing along truthfully with the Indigo Girls, "I spent four years [or five or six] prostrate to the higher mind, got my paper, and I was free-e-e-e!" Of course, this is UMass we're talking about, so they're not going to get around to mailing me my diploma for four months, but that's ok. `Cause I'm done. And so happy! Yay!

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