Thursday, December 22, 2005

"Kate B****'s Queerness"

That would be me (imagine full name)- and there is indeed a play about my queerness. Actually it's not about me or my queerness, but while having some fun with Google, I discovered that there was a play called "Kate B****'s Queerness" by Mary Austin, published in 1905, about a woman who must hide her married status because her husband is disabled and cannot work and if she were known to be married at that time, she would be fired and they would have no livelihood. The title was hilarious, though, and there is this queer little passage from it: "For some time Mrs. B**** [the title character's mother] had been troubled by a misgiving, and it was so new to her complacency that she did not know quite what to do with it. The misgiving took the form of a suspicion that her eldest daughter might be doing something queer. Everything not directly within the pale of Mrs. Bixby's activities that was not absolutely immoral was 'queer'..." So maybe it's really about my mother?


Trista said...

too funny! Do you have a hard copy of it?

starevelina said...

No, but I'm working on that. ;)