Monday, January 09, 2006

Feng Shui for better pay!

Little post-it notes are stuck all around the walls in every room in the new apartment as I am trying to figure out exactly where the Seven Portents and Eight Enrichments are located. I think I've got it all mapped out, although those Portents are mightily confusing! I really don't like the terms "Six Curses" or "Severed Fate". Fortunately, the Severed Fate location seems to be outside in the stairwell (not a part of our apartment), and the more favorable ones are in our office, bedroom, and most importantly the (very hopefully) kid room. The kid/baby room is also spanning the marriage and children corners of the Enrichments (I think). I'd rather have the marriage one in our bedroom, but there's just no way about it and we've got Fame & Rank in the bedroom instead- make of that what you will! ;)
We are currently way too disorganized to do anything with this information, but I'm fully planning on juicing up my career and wealth corners ASAP. Tomorrow, I'm accepting a job offer here in Greenfield and declining another in Brattleboro. I was laughing at this decision on the way home from the interview for the Brattleboro job today, because the interview was so pleasant and interviewing for the Greenfield position was so hard and sometimes frustrating. But, I'm really excited about the new job- social services outreach to people with severe mental illness- because it's very different from my previous work, so it will be interesting and challenging, calls for a lot of independence and a steep learning curve, will be a great help in getting into grad school and/or applying as a state social worker in the future, and means I'll get to work with a great co-worker and supervisor. The downside? Crap pay. It sucks going from one job that didn't pay all that much, back to school, earn a degree, and then go back to work and take a pay cut. I guess it just contributes to the growing evidence that these days, a bachelor's degree isn't worth two patooties. Regardless, the job sounds interesting, I could certianly do worse, and the union contract negotiations are up in the spring, so things might get even better. Because they already are great. New apartment in a great new town, my totally awesome lady love, school's done, job offer for something new and exciting, which all means we are so much closer to beginning the process to become foster parents, to getting married, and (hopefully) to buying unbelievably expensive, well-tested, frozen sperm. Hm, back to that Wealth & Money corner...

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Sacha said...

good luck with the new job. I did a lot of work in the psych ICU when I was in school and it was amazing and challenging. You'll learn so much.