Saturday, January 07, 2006

"Leave it to the lesbians to have the most romantic proposal ever."

Said J's little sister when she first heard the story. I'm not bragging... but it was a really good proposal. It's in the October archives if you're curious. I'm thinking about this now because it's January and it was just this time last year that I decided to ask J to marry me. I had known that I would for a long time but this was the big decision. That resulted in a few months of agonizing over where the money for a very expensive ring would come from and complete dissatisfaction with most of the rings I looked at in the stores. In April I saw the beautiful ring (the one in the box in the picture) at Ted's Creative Jewelers in Southampton and it only took one glance to know it was the right one. So I bought it and the story goes on at the Highlands Inn in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Such romantic thoughts, yeah, yeah, but I'm really thinking about it because at the beginning- last year, when I decided to ask her- I had no clue how complicated and expensive this wedding thing would be. And we're pretty simple, as far as weddings go, but I didn't quite realize all the components that go into it and it will be time-consuming and costly. Right now, I'm having a little freak-out session because we really haven't planned much for the last few months after settling the two biggies (ceremony and reception sites), and Bridezilla is falling behind! Eight months! Eight months left! To normal people this may sound like a long time, but to Bridezilla it is the essence of stress! So many things to do. And it really wouldn't be so much if we didn't have to book vendors 6-9 months in advance, but they fill up so quickly that we really have to get on the ball. And save that money!
Ceremony site (Our UU church)
Reception site (Our favorite restaurant and brewery)
Kate's dress, veil, and big frouffy hoop-slip thingy
To do:
A zillion things the most pressing of which are-
-Find and book charming officiant who won't offend my parents
-Book photographer (with a deposit that feels like passing a kidney stone)
-Find and buy J's dress
-Find two bridesmaid dresses and figure out how bridesmaid in California can try it on
-Make deposit to reception site and make appointment with chef
-Book hairdresser for four lovely ladies
-On guestlist- find out full addresses and last names of spouses/partners we don't know
-Send out save-the-date cards so people make this their Labor Day destination!
-Book ceremony musicians
-Find and book baker for cake
-Start seeding flower pots (growing our own favors sounded like a good idea last spring)
There's probably more. And way more in the coming months. Enough already!


eryn said...

Good luck with all the details. When it's stresful just remember why you want to marry each other.

I limited out planning to one month. I wanted no stress and that's pretty much what I got. We'd been through planning and calling off a commitment ceremony once (due to the details of planning / family presure), so we knew we had to do it small or else we'd end up in the same mess...

party b said...

we planned ours in only 4 months... i am glad to share our connections... especially since we live in Mass (though, eastern!) - good stuff is still available! And for dresses my SIL went to jessica mcclintock because everyone could try on at home and she could order locally (so you get the same dye lot)... bridezilla :o)

party b said...

oh, and check OUTVITE.COM for invites & save-the-dates... they fax you a proof sheet and you order online, etc etc... and we got MANY compliments on ours!

starevelina said...

Thanks for the reccommendations- it's hard to figure out not just good vendors, but good and GLBT-friendly vendors, so I'm glad to hear your thoughts. Hm, maybe I'll be picking your brain some more someday soon... Thanks!