Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Check, check, check out please!

-Lots of mirrors facing up... check.
-Mirrors on the doors facing out...check.
-Wind chimes...check.
-Shiny baubles...check.
-Giant wall mirror and Buddha thing with a candle in our "Helpful People" corner...check.

As it turns out, the landlady does not think she can ask them to move unless they don't pay the rent, and mediation wasn't productive in the least, so we're feng shuiing up a storm in here with all the ideas I could find about quelling lousy neighbors. It was just starting to feel like home in here (we've only been in this apartment since January) and we've put a lot of work into the place, so we really don't want to leave. But we can't live with Madame Psycho and Mr. Meek Husband anymore. I do feel really bad for the kid, though- she's only 8 and has to deal with them all the time. We put up a picture of Damara, a goddess of children and family harmony, and play soft music in our kid-room that sits under their daughter's bedroom. I wish there were a good solution for everyone!

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