Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A little big thing

Those of you who saw this blog near its beginning might remember when the subtitle used to say "foster parenting" instead of just "parenting" on the horizon. That was because way back when, we called in our official interest in becoming foster parents to the Department of Social Services. So, a while went by, and we immersed ourselves in wedding plans, while also looking at options for possible pregnancy after the wedding, including meeting a PKD and poring over lists of ID-release donors from sperm banks- in short, life was just happening. And then, a few days ago we got a call from a DSS worker, asking to set up a visit to start our homestudy. So, we start on Monday afternoon. The worker will come back several times and continue compiling our homestudy, while we take classes for three hours every Thursday evening for 10 weeks, then the worker will write up her assessment and reccommendation for approval, the head of DSS will read it and sign it, and we'll get a license in the mail. If all goes well with our study. I've scrutinized the list of home requirements over and over and over, trying to reassure myself that our family and our home meet them, and so far we've got everything, so I reeeeally hope there's nothing missing. Actually, I know the one thing that is missing- we need to have a bed for the kid(s), and we've been trying to find an affordable crib that will convert to a toddler bed (to accomodate an age range of 0-3 years)- so far, no luck. It's ok for now, as we have several weeks after the home study begins to fix anything we're missing. But we need a convertible crib! And more curtains (currently only one room has them). And rugs (although we have a fabulously cute kid-rug from Ikea in the baby room- that's a picture of it up there- we're trying for a castles&dragons&princes&princesses&stars motif). Must sweep and mop and dust and vacuum and clean the bathroom and throw out all the junk mail on the dining table and brush the cats.

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derangels said...

good luck! i'll be on the lookout for cute stuff when i start tag-sale hopping in a few weeks.

better get brushing now...those cats have a lot of hair! (and don't forget the cutest-of-the-cute little toe tufts)