Monday, May 08, 2006

Flying colors

Good marks all around from the social worker who did our walk-through today- we have enough time, enough money, enough room, and our CORI checks confirm that we're not criminals. We are officially eligible! And now we have the crux of the homestudy coming up- three long visits from another social worker whose job it is to "get to know" us and write up a big report afterward. In the meantime, we take a three hour class once a week for eight weeks (not ten like I thought before) called the Massachusetts Alliance for Partnership in Parenting class. The first session is next week. It ends in July, we will probably have had our last visit from the social worker in charge of the homestudy by then, after which s/he will write it up, pass it by the manager we saw today, who will then pass it by the area director, and we're looking at getting licensed sometime in September. The one fly in my ointment is still our upstairs neighbors- actually really just one of them. The wife is crazy. She continues to have screaming fights with her husband on a regular basis- we had to call the police the last time because the screams were so unbelievably loud. She continues to play her music at top volume on a daily basis- completely unacceptable to me if I have a kid in the house- just a few minutes ago I asked her to turn it down, garnering a pissy response about how we've asked her to turn it down "like three different times" (actually only two, and maybe it's because you can't seem to understand that other people live in this house!), so the volume stayed down for about five minutes but she's apparently quite pissed at me now, because it's back up with it's booming bass already and she's stomping around like she has cinderblocks for shoes. Please, please God- move them somewhere else! She's really raining on my parade here, so I think I'm going to take off and go buy baby stuff or something. All the while maintaining my calm, cool, and collected state of being. Just call me wannabe-foster-mom-extraordinare! BTW, that's a picture of the very cute frog-prince toy we bought at Ikea a few weeks ago.

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