Sunday, June 25, 2006

Joy to the world!

Clarisse and Lucinda are married! Our dear friends tied the knot yesterday in the most beautiful wedding I've ever had the honor of attending. The ceremony was quietly amazing and incredibly moving, with a single classical guitar to accompany, family and friends there to support them, and the two beautiful brides we love. Apparently I've turned out to be a wedding-crier. I cried the whole damn time, start to finish. You'd think it was my kid's wedding, with all the tears and sniffles. It's ok, though- I'm a tears-of-joy kind of girl. I'm also a wake-up-at-3AM-having-a-panic-attack-about-my-own-ceremony-because-its-two-months-away-and-we-haven't-planned-hardly-a-whit-of-it-and-how-in-the-world-are-we-going-to-create-something-that-beautiful-and-amazing-how-how-how kind of girl. Back to the drawing board!

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derangels said...

it'll come together beautifully and on-the-fly with everyone pitching in just like your "wow, you MADE those???" invitations!