Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 24th birthday. Actually, I'll be exactly so in 10 minutes at 11:24pm. Woo! Thanks, Mom!


Blondie said...

Happy birthday to you, Kate! What did you do on your day?

Estelle said...

Happy birthday! Mine was Monday and Jean's was saturday.
And I am SO SORRY for not replying to that email. By the time I went to reply to it. AOL had eaten it for lunch and I didn't have the address anymore. I promise I will reply this time if you give me one more chance :)

Trista said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you got lots of spankins!

derangels said...

"When it is only through age that one gathers wisdom and experience, why this endless stuggle to seem young?...Remember that beauty works from within, it cannot be put on and off like a garment, and it depends far more on the culture of the intellect, the tastes, sentiment, and affections of the soul than the color of the hair, eyes, or complexion...Be kind, noble, generous, well-mannered, be true to yourselves and your friends, and the soft lines of these tender graces and noble virtues will reveal themselves in the face...we cannot be one thing and look another...There are indelible marks in every face showing the real life within."

-Elizabeth Cady Stanton-

(ok, i got that off the back of a Celestial Seasonings box, but i happened to notice it today and thought it was a very appropriate birthday inspiration!)

i left you a message yesterday... hope you were out on the town doing something fun!

love & a very merry birthday,

starevelina said...

Thanks, everybody! Blondie- `Didn't do much. Went to work. Had cake and presents with my parents. The day before, J and I had fun with my sister and her partner at our favorite martini bar.
Estelle- Happy birthday to you, too! and Jean! No problem about the email- I'll send you another.
Thanks, Trista!
And my lovely sister- that's an awesome quote! `Brings me back to 8th Grade History Day where my friends and I did a play about Elizabeth Cady Stanton- I got to play the conservative ;) Thanks again for the subscription to Blessed Bee! -Kate-