Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Martha is just so smart!

Hereby I admit my love for anything by Martha Stewart. From her Weddings magazine, I have learned how to make really pretty flowers out of tissue paper, in all shapes and sizes. Results? More wedding savings! The expensive real flowers will be limited to our bouquets, the rest in pretty paper!


Sublime said...

Hi Starevelina,

Wow! This brings back alot of memories for me. My partner and I had our wedding almost 9 years ago. We have just recently split up and it's tearing me apart.

Anyway, I thought I'd be Martha Stewart at the time, and make all my own centerpieces, etc. They were beautiful, but it made me crazy trying to do it all, plus being Bride #1...lol.

Thanks for the memories. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

Take care,

derangels said...

and just how many of those pretty lil' paper flowers do you want? cause as noted at the top of your blog, there are only 4 months and 3 weeks till the big day!!

the lone voice of reason and sanity in this splendid affair.

just kidding, i guess i'll be making paper flowers until my fingers bleed (wait, that just ruined your martha stewart moment, didn't it?)!

Blondie said...

Damn, those look awesome!

And how long will they take to make?

starevelina said...

Well, Blondie, I don't dare venture to guess how long they'll take to make. Suffice it to say, I'll be starting this week. ;) Don't worry derangels, I won't make you do flowers if I don't have to- you're already doing so much! You are the world's best bridesmaid!
Hi, Sublime. Thanks for checking out my blog! I swung over to yours- I'm sorry for all the difficulties you've been going through. It seems the last year has been very hard on a lot of people, and wonderful for others in contrast- there does not seem to be a whole lot of the middle. I hope things get better soon.