Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh yeah, the ceremony...

It's amazing how much wedding planning is all about the reception. J and I have most of that set down now, and just put the deposit in at the Northampton Brewery, so fortunately it gets to take more of a backseat now. Having also just met with our officiant last week, we're finally thinking about the ceremony- you know, the truly important part of the day. It is a little intimidating to think about. How do we design an event for our friends and family that declares our love and committment to each other, while reaching out to them as our community and letting them know how much we love and appreciate them? It's hard to go it alone, and I don't think any couple or family can survive well without their loved ones there to support them throughout their lives. So far, we have been amazed and brought to tears by the love and support of our closest kindred spirits, and I'm sure I'm going to cry all over the place when we celebrate this wonderful day with them. I only wish we could invite more of our loved ones- the restaurant only seats 70 for large functions, and it's been hugely difficult to separate our guest list into A and B (and even C) sections! It's been great impetus to spend more time with our friends, though- we finally know all of their full names and significant others and addresses and phone numbers, and our lives have been so enriched by the dinners and parties and visits and overnights that we've been spending with all these VIPs. Sniff!

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