Monday, April 03, 2006

Meeting Mr. Sperm

J and I went to New Jersey this weekend and met our PKD, his partner, and their son who is 20 months old. They were, of course, very nice people and we enjoyed spending the day with them. PKD and his partner have an interesting relationship, at least in speech, because they were both born and raised in other countries, and so English is their middle ground of communication and their conversation is full of clarifications for each other and "what is this?" when they are looking for words in English. We feel reasonably sure that we could handle a lifelong, albeit infrequent friendship with these guys. And the little boy is proof that PKD's swimmers can and do result in cute kids. Altogether a reassuring trip. My favorite moment: PKD goes to dress their son (which is apparently unusual, as his partner is the one with the fashion-sense), PKD's partner grows more and more nervous and fidgety over the space of several seconds and then goes running up the stairs saying to us "Sorry, I'll be right back- I have to make sure he doesn't wind up in United Colors of Benneton."

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