Friday, June 09, 2006

Double whammy

Yesterday J and I both attended a training suggested by our employer (a crisis/outreach/dayhab/therapy mental health agency) about treatment of sexually abused children. That was an hour and a half. In the evening we had our 5th foster-parent-training class, and this week's topic was foster parenting children who have been sexually abused or who have witnessed domestic violence- two hefty, difficult subjects. That was three hours. I definitely learned a lot of valuable info, but both of those in the same day was tough- almost five hours of tough stuff. I think we both feel slightly more equipped to handle those things, though.
`Not sure I can handle this weekend, though! Today, work all day, work at second job after, take J out for a blessed two hours of peace. Saturday, design our wedding invitations once and for all and print the printed part, then clean the house like mad for several hours. Sunday, we participate in the Muscular Dystrophy Association's Stride-N-Ride all morning, and then go actually make our invitations afterward. Busy-busy-busy. And the reason we'll be cleaning the house like mad tomorrow? We scheduled the first visit of our homestudy for Monday! Why doesn't anybody stop me when I do things like that? See y'all on the other side... of this crazy weekend, that is.

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