Friday, June 09, 2006

It's starting...

So J and I had a date tonight. One of those times we insert in our busy schedule to have quality time for just the two of us. And it started out great! Dinner at our favorite restaurant, where the turkey burger and roasted potatoes send me to Cloud 9 every time. That should have been followed by something like a movie or a show or even a board game at home. You know, togetherness. What we actually did? Went shopping and bought those three things up there. Like I said, it's starting already. That's ok, though, because now we get to go out again to make sure we have a real date. More QT!

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Estelle said...

Wow... I'm late. I wish I would have seen this, oh, a month ago during my "my office is on fire!" month.
Please take that travel system back. Seriously. Don't use that carseat. I can recommend much better and safer carseats for you if you like, but that one is definitely not one you want, regardless of how cute it is.