Thursday, February 02, 2006

All I can say is...



I'll say more later...

I had to rush to get to work this morning, so I couldn't write much, but after getting our latest message from our PKD (I can't believe I get to use the phrase "our PKD"!!!) I wanted to say something.
So, he's not someone we know, but rather someone who wants to be a KD for another couple. I like him so far for several reasons. I don't want to put too much weight on this, yet, as we seriously need to get to know him better, but I like that he does not want to co-parent, that he lives a ways away (but still within a driveable distance), that he's gay, that he already has a partner and son, and that he seems pretty darn enthusiastic! So, that's all for now, really. This will take a while to work on, and if PKD turns into KD, I will be post-crazy!
I'm totally in love with the song I first heard on the radio after we first talked with our PKD about it, the new single "Conceived" by Beth Orton. Is that a fabulous omen or what? You can listen to the whole song from her website.

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