Friday, February 10, 2006

The catch is...

that the great stuff is often followed by crappy stuff. I just had a car accident. And it's fine because nobody was hurt, and it wasn't my fault, and the other driver's insurance company is going to pay for my damage, but still. Damn. The mechanic says they'll probably total my car. It doesn't look that bad! But the airbags did go off, and apparently those are about $1000 a piece, plus the front end damage (she cut me off, dammit) is going to come to more than my perfect little 1995 Corolla is worth on the books. But I love that car (her name is Rita). Love her a lot. Never gave me a problem, ran like a queen, and wore my lovely bumper stickers so gracefully! It doesn't look like Rita is going to be in the family much longer, though. Phooey.


derangels said...

hey there,

so i was thinking about that oh so pleasant subject -- how-to-purge-all-that-nasty-airbag-stuff from your system.

i use De Tox tea by Yogi Tea periodically and really like it (lots of dandelion though, so add plenty of honey!). otherwise, just try to support your respiratory system...steaming with dr. bronner's peppermint and hot water feels good!

anyway, just some suggestions and hopes that you feel better soon. i think you will...that kick-ass immune system runs in the family...except for Barb...but that's just an anomaly...i swear!!!


have fun in the snow!

love your absolute most favourite family member,

starevelina said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I've been thinking about getting that tea, and taking hot showers to enjoy the steam. Yesterday I felt pretty ok, other than the airbag chemicals burning my lips, but today is not as good. Just noticing some things that I didn't notice yesterday. My back really hurts, little red bumps on my cheeks (more chemical burn), my nose hurts quite a bit (must have been hit wrong by the airbag), bruise on one shin, scratch on the opposite ankle, and I guess my lip really did have a little cut on it because there was a little dried spot on it this morning. Altogether not very bad, just a bunch of little things, but it's just crappy. And I got really upset about it all a few minutes ago, for no reason. I miss my car. I hate that I hurt in various places. I'm just mad that it happened at all. -Kate-

derangels said...

yeah, i felt sure you'd have some latent neck/back pain. maybe try some heat and gentle stretching/ massage?

if it still hurts in a couple of days, take the opportunity to introduce yourself to your doctor, ok?

(i know, nag, nag, nag...but that's what i'm here for...that and calming the bridezilla...)