Wednesday, February 08, 2006

PKD Jeopardy

We're talking with our PKD (potential known donor) tomorrow night over the phone, and this will be our first opportunity to really ask him a ton of questions and find out whether or not we're all on the same page. I have a few ideas of what we should ask, but I thought I'd pick your brains, too. So. What would you ask a PKD?


Trista said...

well, do you have a clear picture of what you'd like your relationship with PKD to be like during the TTC process, during the pregnancy, and then after the baby is born? Because you'll want to make certain that your vision of that and his vision of that line up.

You might also ask him about his family -- will he tell them, what does he think they will think about this if they find out, are they going to have a hard time accepting that this child will not be part of their family?

And don't forget to ask if he had a big head as a baby and had to be a c-section baby. We forgot to ask that, and it turned out to be important!

starevelina said...

Ooh, good idea. He's tall and his son was 20 inches when he was born. No c-sections, though, that he knows of. We had a long list of questions, and you know I was so much more nervous about talking about our roles than he was- he seems uninterested in (though not unwilling) to visit with the
kid(s). We'll be talking more soon, but it seems that our visions are lining up pretty well!