Monday, February 06, 2006

Cryptonite for Bridezilla

What is the thing that can turn Bridezilla into a crazy, weepy, heart-attacking mess? Reading the new "banquet policy" at her reception site and seeing that after her first 3 hours, the next two hours are $500 each, and she cannot go over 5 hours. Since she doesn't have an extra grand and intends to dance into the night, this leads her to believe that she will be having a church-basement reception instead of her amazing, romatical, jazzy party at her favorite restaurant and site of their first date. Oy!
After calling her, though, the manager blessedly informed me that the new charges do not apply to us since we reserved the space before the new policy and that since it's an evening reception, there's no time limit. Bless her. Bless her little heart! I am now going to commence weeping, from relief this time.


eryn said...

Yeah for reserving ahead of time!

I have to say it's funny to read your blog and see all these pics of our local stopming ground! We just ate at the Brewery of Friday night and we've been the the Noho UU on more than one occasion. Is Jay performing your wedding?

Oh-- and I will get you the lawyer info. It's at home and I am at work.

J said...

Hi - Stumbled on from Seeking the stork -

Did the Noho Brewpub do some heavy remodeling recently??

Ok ok, I haven't lived there for 3 years and even though I visit often, I haven't been back behind the parking garage or eaten there. Usually I'm on limited time and get to have only one favorite meal, and usually it's chimichanga aguacate at LaCazuela.

Nice blog, and good luck with the wedding.

derangels said...

congrats on the near miss, there, miss evelina!

("it's not a 'near miss'! it's a 'near hit'"!!! -mr. carlin)


eryn said...

They did do some major renovations about 1 1/2 years ago. Added the sunroom and still have all the other rooms and deck, but the sunroom is where the ground level outdoor seating used to be. It's really nice.

I'm also a fan of LaCazuela- especially their margaritas!

starevelina said...

Mmm, LaCazuela. Good choice, J. And thanks Eryn for answering the question about the remodeling. They really did a great job with the sunroom, and the beer garden that's now on top of the restaurant is one of my favorite summer nights out. Jay is one of two officiants that we would love to have, but we haven't decided, yet. Seems like one of those things that might be good to have done by now, hm? And thanks for the mention, big sis' (derangels).