Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A story about "Buying Dad: One Woman's Search for the Perfect Sperm Donor"

by Harlyn Aizley

“Buying Dad” was an enjoyable and funny read for me, and I loved all the detail as Aizley brings her readers through each step of her journey to parenting. I was bothered by some stereotypes and negative generalizations about other lesbians (and herself), as well as some criticism of certain other lesbians’ journeys on the same path (for example, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to want to avoid having kids from the same donor as your neighbor, if that’s how you feel about it). Aizley’s stories of standing up to medical professionals when they weren’t treating her well are great tools for other women who may also have to deal with that problem, and her descriptions of family and interpersonal relationships made me laugh out loud many times. The heartbreaking theme also running through the book is Aizley’s simultaneous journey through her mother’s relapse into and eventual death from cancer, and I found myself impressed by her ability to handle birth and death in her life at the same time, and appreciated the way she wrote about life’s two guaranteed events. It’s wonderful to read the story of the coming of a baby who is so very much loved and wanted.

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Trista said...

Oh we LOVED this book. I want to write the equivalent from the perspective of the non-bio mom... you know, except for the mom dying part. I really don't want that.