Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ah, so this is what hyperventillating is like...

Wow, Bridezilla is in full swing today, trying to get everything wedding-related done in the next 45 hours. Picking up keys for the church, meeting with yet another manager at the reception site (I don't know how they have so many and stay in business), picking up musical equipment, shopping, finishing programs, doing favor tags, etc. Oh yeah, and working. I wish I'd taken today and yesterday off, not just Thurs and after. The imminent-in-laws were staying with us the last three nights and boy am I glad! They made almost all of the programs, table markers, and wedding-bubble-thing-ribbons. And now they're in Boston picking up our recessional-banners and staying overnight at J's friend's apartment in order to do so. We love them. A lot. We don't love the weather report. Oh, the months I have spent deathly afraid that it would rain on my wedding day. Over the last couple of days the forecast for Sunday went from "Sunny and delightful" to "a 30% chance of a few showers" to "a 60% chance of rain." Plain old rain. Dammit, dammit, dammit! I basically consider this a waste of $1000 of photography- I hate the idea of all-indoor wedding pictures, and even though I think we've worked out a decent alternate indoor location to take them that is better than the church sanctuary, I'm reasonably certain I will be disappointed in the pictures forever. I've been manifesting all day long. Help me out if you don't mind- tell Ernesto to hit the road and don't come back!

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