Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I give up.

Now he's coming. After all that. I will never understand my father. He finally called last night, and I said I was planning on checking in with him today because Mom is away, so I guess he just waited until tonight to talk about that whole are-you-coming-to-your-daughter's-wedding-or-not business. Not that he talked about it much tonight, anyway. Pretty much just that he's coming. And a bit of ranting about Mom's reaction to his "for sale" sign- I really hate that, being a sounding board for one parent's hostility toward the other. I don't mind listening to my mom, because she's never hostile- usually just bewildered and upset. But Dad? Not so much. And he admitted to having stopped his meds (which I already knew via Mom, but was waiting for him to say). He is such a different person right now- morose, sarcasitc, impulsive, hostile, and not insightful about his actions. This is not to say he's perfect when he's on his meds, but I guess I didn't realize how much he had improved on them until he went off. BUT, I can't deal with all that right now. Wedding. Happenning. In 2 weeks and 4 days. Holy crap. That ticker is really freakin' me out now!
The final fitting was today! My dress is great- love it even more- S, you're going to have to learn how to do this bustle-thing from J- I don't get it. J's dress, though- not so good. Again. If you remember way back in May, we went to pick up her dress and it was in terrible shape (badly made) and we had to send it back and re-order it. So the re-ordered dress was fine. But, now the alterations people made the bodice too small. She looks alright, and the wrap that we bought definitely covers up any over-the-top-spillage, but it is pretty tight. Poor J- she cried on the way home! I'm not really sure what to do now- J's plan of eating nothing but salad for the next 18 days may not help. It's true she did lose a lot of weight over the summer and gain a couple of pounds back in the last week or two, but I really think they just adjusted the bodice in too much. And I can't think of any places to shop for fancy formal wear around here. The Running of the Brides is Friday, but she says she really wants to wear red, and of course all the wedding gowns there are white or ivory. This is the big project for the rest of the week- to fix the dress situation!
All is not crappy, though! Favors are finished! Unless we decide to make favor tags, but I'm just not feeling that into it. And I decided on those gosh darn pew decorations! That was 48 hours of unnecessary obsession. I have succumbed- bows of white and red wired ribbon. But they look much better than I thought they would, and I made 5 of the 12 last night. And I wrote my vows! Woo hoo! Sunday was a really blissfully beautiful day out at Poet's Seat Tower, overlooking Greenfield and the surrounding hills, and I sat up there for an hour or two and felt inspired. *sigh* Now I just have to say all that blithering, sentimental, shmush in front of everyone I know. ;)


Tamsin said...

I've been mainly lurking on your blog for a while now, and wondered how things were goingg over the father/wedding attendance situation. Sorry that it's adding to your stress levels. For what it's worth (and obviously I could be talking out of my ass here), I didn't read his note as meaning that he wouldn't be coming to the wedding - it seemed more that he just couldn't handle the responsibility of his allotted tasks.

That's so good that you're thrilled with your dress, but what a shame that J's dress is not right again - and especially if it was the alterations that made it that way.

Looking forward to seeing photos of your wedding day ;o)

BTW, I've linked to you on my new blog - hope that's OK!

starevelina said...

Hey, there. I know what you mean- I thought that might have been what he meant (though it's really just handing a pre-written check to the reception manager), but he's been such a pain in the past about possibly not coming, and he signed it "goodbye" knowing that I had already said I wasn't sure I could continue a relationship with him if he didn't show at my wedding. Anyway, you just never can tell with him. So, I'm glad he and I cleared that up.
And yeah- what the hell (about the dress)? Our experience with David's Bridal has been so rollercoastery- it's either great or crappy. My mom is going to help fix up the wrap with an elastic so that J can wear it as part of the outfit if necessary. Woo!
Yes, I can't wait to post pictures!
And yay- new blog! It's on the list... -Kate-

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