Sunday, August 06, 2006

When it rains...

Well, he wasn't there, so I wrote on the back of his silly note that he simply needs to call me and tell me yes or no. And that I thought it was really selfish of him to send that less than a month before the most important day of my life. And then my mom and I took off because neither of us had the energy or the patience to deal with it anymore- we went shopping in Noho and crashed my sister's place later, where my lovely Maid of Honor made us another test-cake: chocolate with rum-raspberry filling, mmmmmm. Exactly what we needed. That and the communal family rant-session about dad. Thanks, S.
So, the rain having been accepted, it started pouring. J's friend from her social work school internship last year, Dave, died a few days ago of a massive heart attack. She just found out a few hours ago and is pretty upset- she was really looking forward to seeing him at the wedding. I'd only met him twice, but am feeling pretty low about it, too- he was a great guy and this is definitely unexpected- I think he was only in his fifties. We'll be going to the service tomorrow morning.

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