Thursday, August 10, 2006

Girl in the sky

J went to the airport this morning to fly out to her grandmother's funeral, unknowingly heading toward the massive lines forming as a result of the London-terror-plot thing. I think she's finally made it onto her second flight now, but sheesh. Now I'm really worried! Flying makes me nervous anyway, so potential bombs made out of hair gel and baby lotion really exacerbate the anxiety. Though I'd much rather have her home, I really want her to be safely on the ground in Oregon soon!
However, the giant boxes on our doorstep from Bed, Bath, and Beyond are a nice distraction! We're not materialistic people here, but I admit it- I like presents. And it doesn't really matter that we already know what the stuff is since most of it is on our registry- we were both doing a happy dance in the living room last night when we unpacked our new Emiril pots and pans. Slogan: "The only cookware that makes me say BAM!" I effing love this set. I also love my friend EG who got us two of the four things that we registered for knowing that our guests would be thinking "WTF?": a dessert set just for making S'mores, and a neon green electronic footbath thingy. The other two things still on the list, you ask? A Shiatsu-massaging-chair-pad that we couldn't stop sitting upon in the store, and a 3-in-1 toaster that toasts your bread, poaches your egg, and warms your meat all at once so you can make breakfast sandwiches. Who comes up with this stuff?! I don't know, but I love it. And thanks to J's mom and dad for the pots and pans!

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