Thursday, August 03, 2006

Holy Crapola- One month left!

We have somehow arrived at the last four weeks of our 15-month engagement. How did that happen? August 3rd, folks- crunch time. Actually, we're feeling pretty good, having gotten many things done early. There's still a ton of stuff left to do, though. Like thank-you notes, seeing as we just got our first few wedding presents :) I like presents, I won't lie. It definitely feels a little funny to be getting presents like place settings and crystal candlesticks, though. I think that means we're grown ups now. Which is good because we just met with our social worker for the last time and all our references are in, so if the Commonwealth of Massachusetts indeed decides we are worthy as foster parents, we're most definitely going to have to be grown ups. Not yet, though- wedding first! Still to do: track down the twenty-one people who have still not RSVP'd, finish prep work for cake, finish music selections and find all remaining tracks for T, finalize ceremony and design programs, seating chart and placecards, figure out those pesky favors, finalize decor plans, pay balance on rings and have them customized, figure out hair, get J's shoes, go to final fitting and pick up gowns, decide on accessories, protect fingernails and whiten teeth, get gifts for various VIPs, delegate day-of duties, make bridal-emergency-kit, pay remainder of floral bill, confirm with all vendors, and, um, oh yeah- vows. Vows would be good. They are currently looming just large enough in my mind to render me speechless. I'm workin' on it!

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