Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oh, crapping crap.

Tonight- the night that J is 3,000 miles away, the first night of her trip, when I am bound to be more nervous about all the bumps in the night, etc........ is the night that I walk into our bedroom to see a big effing spider on our wall that closely resembles a brown recluse. Like that picture there. Effing eff! Crapping crap! I, of course, called my personal critter-remover immediately, squealing in terror particularly when the thing dropped down from the wall onto our curtain. (Right now I am squoogling around, checking every little itch and twitch and searching the area around my chair every few seconds). Usually, when I absolutely must deal with the little darlings myself, I get a jar and put them outside. But THIS? No, no, NO! It was hard enough just to work up the courage to squish it with a flip-flop! And I didn't even spare my white curtain- forever shall the brown spot mark the creature's resting place. Of course, I then had to go Googling for pictures to see what kind it was, and people- it looks an awfully lot like a male brown recluse to me- very, very poisonous! And apparently most people who get bitten get it from clothes it's hiding in or from rolling over one in bed. Now, I cannot sleep in the bedroom. It is 1:30AM, and I have pulled out the futon in the living room with a comforter. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight. Whoa, do I ever miss my girl! Miss her, miss her, miss her!


Trista said...

Oh I am so sorry! I have an unholy fear of brown recluses even though they don't live in Utah. There was a case several years ago of a woman who got bit by two that travelled to Utah in a guest's luggage! It was only until her husband nearly got bit in bed and managed to catch the spider that doctor's knew what they were dealing with!

We do have, though, hobo spiders, which have the same type of poison that the recluses have... and I am the biggest baby when I see one... yelling and stomping and grinding them into paste in my fear-induced rage...

starevelina said...

Oh, exactly! They don't really live up here in New England much, but they do happen by on occasion, they say usually by shipping or travelling. Bleblebleh, heebie jeebies! I'm glad we don't get hobo spiders around here.

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